grid tied wind powered system

energor renewable energy

Configuration: On-grid wind turbine system includes: wind turbine +controller +single phase/three phase sine wave inverter Operational principle: Wind turbine generates electricity, then the system supply power in AC for grid and DC/AC for lights, home appliances, electrical tools, other load. Item:200W-100KW,other customized configuration is welcomed

Off-grid wind powered system

Configuration: Off-grid wind turbine system includes: wind turbine +controller+ batteries +single phase/three phase sine wave inverter Operational principle: Wind turbine generates electricity, charges into battery, then the system supply power in AC and DC for lights, home appliances, electrical tools, other load. Item:200W-100KW,other customized configuration is welcomed 

Wind Powered Lights
The wind powered lighting system can illuminate without city power or other external electric power. The required wind power are green and clean natural energy sources and do not bring environmental pollution. The products are applicable for road lighting, court lighting, landscape lighting and advertising lamp and so on, in both cities and villages. The system is composed of: wind generator, controller, lamp post, battery pack and lamp. Item: Wind Turbine 300W-500W,other customized configuration is welcomed


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wind powered water pumping solution

kestrel renewable energy

The Eveready-Kestrel water pumping solution is an exciting evolution of the traditional mechanical wind mill, with the following advantages:

  • It is cost affective.
  • It uses electricity generated by wind rather than a mechanical solution.
  • It generally delivers up to twice the water volume compared to the traditional solution.
  • It can be placed where wind availability can be maximized and not over the bore hole as in the traditional solution.
  • It will efficiently deliver water from a wind speed as low as 3m per second.
  • The pump controller optimizes the available energy and therefore no other controllers are required.

A range of options are available depending on the location of the bore hole and the water volume required.

Eveready-Kestrel wind pumping system is available with a helical rotor as well as centrifugal pumps. 1kW and 3kW options are available.


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wind powered telecommunication system

kestrel renewable energy

Eveready-Kestrel Telecommunications systems use a multiple power source hybrid solution to create energy efficient autonomous base stations.

Combining the best option power generation capabilities of wind, solar and diesel the Eveready-Kestrel multiple power source hybrid system has the following key advantages:

  • Significantly reduce the reliance on diesel and its associated storage and transport cost.
  • Increased reliability and maximum efficiency.
  • A comprehensive, intelligent control system, (the patented Kestrel voltage limiter) which allows compatibility between wind turbines and solar systems.
  • The unique Kestrel wind turbine technology with the following advantages over other wind turbines, which maximizes output in all wind regimes:
    • The passive, patented pitch control which eliminates wind turbine over speeding without cut out.
    • An aerofoil blade system which enhances energy capture.
    • Industry leading low wind performance and cut-in wind speed.
    • Axial flux technology for better generator thermal management and output.


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small wind turbines


EuroEner offers small wind turbines from grid tie or isolated 

electrical systems in houses and small industries, sailboats,


and other applications


Whisper 200 (1 kW) Wind Turbine

Luminous renewable energy

This turbine, originally made by Southwest Wind Power of USA is the most efficient wind turbine in its class, and generates more power than any other similar turbine even at low wind speeds. During last 15 years, more than ten thousand of these machines have been installed all over the world and most are still working well. Luminous Renewable Energy now owns the global manufacturing and branding rights of Whisper 200 wind turbines.

Upgraded Technology:

  • Peak output increased to 1400 W from earlier 1000 W due to improved alternator design
  • Wind turbine controller now has built in data storage and display for voltage, current and power output as well as instantaneous and average wind speed. Monthly energy output vs wind speed average data displayed for 12 months. (Wind data will be available if compatible anemometer supplied by us is used)
  • Improved Rotor for lower noise, quieter operation.
  • Grid tie version is also available


  • Rural electrification
  • Water Pumping
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Telecom Mobile Phone Towers
  • Rooftop installation
  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection
  • 230 V AC mains Grid tie (with interface controller
  • & Grid tie inverter

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Next Generation Technologies for Planet & People

wind turbines

endurance wind power

Endurance’s line of modern, induction-based wind turbines brings efficient, reliable, safe and quiet renewable energy to homeowners, businesses and institutions across Europe, North America and an expanding global market.

Endurance owns the industry’s highest producing 50 kW turbine technology and also offers a 225kW turbine technology, which it licenses from Norwin in its targeted geographies.

Our E-Series 50kW turbine is offered with the following tower height options:  80 ft (30m), 120 ft (36m) and 140 ft (42m).

Embracing design principles that have been instrumental to the growing success of large scale wind farms. Endurance has focused on a number of critical design attributes.


wind & solar hybrid system

electric pinwheels wind & solar system

Finally, a complete off-grid system that provides clean power....anywhere!  For those who have been looking to further reduce their energy costs or need power in remote locations, we've pre-engineered a solution for you.  

  • Portable:  Assembles in about 30 minutes.   Move the system to get the best wind/solar performance in your location.  And if you relocate, it easily goes with you so you continue to pay back your investment.
  • Weatherproof:  All components have been designed for use outdoor in snow and rain.  No need to tack components to a piece of plywood in your basement, our "Juice Box" contains everything you need in a vented weathertight enclosure.
  • Entry-level and scalable:  Start with just solar panels and one battery, then add wind and more batteries later.  This system is modular and adapts to your changing needs. 
  • Quiet and eco-friendly:  Compared to gas and diesel generators for remote power, a Wind & Solar system is silent during power usage with no fumes or exhaust.  It continues to produce power for extended periods of time without resupplying fuel.

A single Wind & Solar System can power a small cabin, RV, or home lighting and appliances that continue working when grid power goes out. For example, in an 9 mph annual average wind a single 80W solar panel and wind turbine system produces about 20 kWhrs per month (conservatively).  This can power 5 CFL bulbs at night (for 5 hours) plus 160 watt-hours of daily small

appliance use (laptop charging, small electric hand tools, etc).  Adding another 80W solar panel increases the output to 31.4 kWhrs per month.


small wind turbines

fortis wind energy

Alize 10 kW

Our largest small wind turbine model is the Alize. With 7 meter span blades this wind turbine provides a maximum power output of 10 kW. The Alize is most often used for telecommunication sites or for farmers, who want to save on their electricity bill.

Montana 5 kW

With its 5 meter span this wind turbine has a maximum power output of 5 kW. For private people with a high electricity use this is the turbine. The Montana is a small wind turbine most often used by private individuals who want to save on their electricity bill or who want to become independent from the electricity grid.

Passatt 1.4 kW

Saving significant energy in a ‘western’ house can be done with the Passaat. The Passaat wind turbine has a maximum output of 1,4 kW and a span of 3,12 meters. Nowadays the Passaat is most often used for power saving at private homes, water pumping in remote locations and for empowering satellite communication systems.


wind turbines


Nordex has been delivering wind turbines on its proven multi-MW platform to customers all around the world since 2000. The steady evolution of our products ensures that they remain competitive. On the basis of shared technical platform generations, our range currently comprises Generation Delta and Generation Gamma wind power systems. The average availability of all turbines covered by Nordex Service stands at 98 per cent. Nordex offers high-efficient turbines for all wind classes. Solution-driven innovations such as the Anti-Icing-System and a range of tower solutions expand the application area. Generation Delta With Generation Delta, we are now offering the fourth generation of our proven multi-megawatt platform. With its larger rotors, increased nominal output and optimised technical systems, Generation Delta is setting new standards in terms of economic efficiency, reliability, serviceability and safety for locations with medium and strong winds. Generation GammaThe third generation of our series of multi-megawatt wind power systems, Generation Gamma, features efficient turbines for all wind classes. As the flagship of this platform generation, our N117/2400 is in a class of its own when it comes to efficiency at sites characterised by light wind speeds. End of 2013 the leading wind power publication Windpower Monthly awarded the Gold medal in its "2013 Turbines of the Year" report to the Nordex N117/2400 in the 2.1 - 3.5MW turbines segment.


residential wind turbines

hummer wind energy

Hummer offer personal wind turbines from 500w to 100kw for remote (off-grid) and grid-connected (on-grid) homes, sailboats, businesses, municipalities, offshore platforms, telecom towers and more, all of which generate clean, low-cost electricity to help meet your energy needs. Hummer also offer wind solar hybrid street light system for city lighting,as well as small wind farm solutions for business.When you buy a Hummer system, you can rest assured because our products are the most highly tested and certified in the industry.


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