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Paint Can Recycling

SpillFix can be used to clean out old paint cans and make them recyclable. The absorbed paint will be rendered harmless, and can be disposed of as solid waste that will not leach any toxins into the environment. SpillFix can be used to clean out old paint cans and make them recyclable. The absorbed paint will be rendered harmless, and can be disposed of as solid waste that will not leach any toxins into the environment.

Energy Source Used SpillFix that contains hydrocarbon spills can be used as a fuel source for the roduction of energy. SpillFix containing motor oil provides a BTU level 200% higher than un-used SpillFix. SpillFix will incinerate leaving zero residue.
Encapsulating the Spill SpillFix absorbs hydrocarbon spills by encapsulating the spill and trapping it inside it's hollow channel structure.


waste recycling

pinus tki

The most frequent groups of dangerous waste, disposed at PINUS TKI d.d. are: Used packaging. Packaging containing hazardous substances or one that is contaminated with hazardous substances (plastic bottles, cans, IBC, barrels containing oddments of hazardous substances). Old medicines. Medicines rom production, preparation, supply and use of pharmaceutical products in human or veterinary medicine. Waste chemicals. Waste laboratory and organic chemicals containing dangerous substances, including mixtures of laboratory chemicals and chemicals from obstetrics, diagnostics, healing and prevention in medicine. Waste paints and coatings. Waste from production, preparation, supply, use and removal of paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, sprays, impregnation chemicals, dissolvents, diluents, etc. Old cosmetics, soaps, disinfectants. Waste from production, preparation, supply and use of fats, creams, soaps, washing detergents, disinfectants and cosmetics. Waste phytopharmaceuticals (pesticides). Waste from production, preparation, supply and use of chemicals for plant protection. Waste insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Waste absorbents, filtering agents, cleaning mops and protective cloathing contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Waste motor and machine oils, grease and lubricants. Waste non-clorinated motor and machine oils, grease and lubricants on the basis of mineral oils. Other waste material.


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e-waste recycling

techwasterecyclinG LLC

TechWasteRecycling Inc. specializes in the collection, sorting, dismantling and recycling of all electronics and electronic components. The company's goal is to provide excellent customer service and uphold the highest ethical and environmental stewardship standards.




solid waste management

burns & mcdonnell

Burns & McDonnell provides a full range of solid waste consulting services. We are a nationally recognized leader in the solid waste management field, having completed over hundreds of solid waste management projects during the past 30 years. Our team of qualified professionals has worked on projects across the United States and internationally. Few firms can provide the depth of qualified experience that Waste Consultants can offer.

Solid waste management requires progressive and innovative approaches in the context of sustainable development. The Burns & McDonnell solid waste team has built a solid record since 1970, successfully completing hundreds of solid waste projects. And we are prepared to apply our experience to your unique situation. With Burns & McDonnell, you get full-spectrum services, combining our solid waste experience with our energy capabilities, biogas processing, environmental studies and permitting expertise, risk transfer strategies, and design-build applications.


aluminum recycling service

eldan recycling

To achieve the required type of end-product different standard recycling plants are available. These standard plants are also the starting point when plants are tailored to suit specific customer requirements. The system offered by Eldan Recycling for processing of aluminium waste is modular and designed to process many different types of input material. Using the modular approach, a large number of combinations can be supplied to produce shreds, chips, granulate etc.


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e-waste recycling

hi-tech recycling india

Hi-Tech Recycling India Pvt. Ltd. aims at becoming a trusted IT asset management (in full range of logistic management, data erasure, refurbishing, remarketing and recycling services) company for retiring IT asset equipments.


Tel : +91 20 6652 1000
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wockhardt foundation

Invented & Certified by DRDO & endorsed by the Government of India

100% Sludge – Free Disposal of Human Waste / Eliminates need for Manual Scavenging

Decomposes Solid Waste to Water & Bio Gas


100% Hazard Free

100% Maintenance Free

Functions efficiently at sub zero – 55 Degrees Centigrade

Plays a critical role in Preventable Healthcare as the Bio Toilet eliminates disease causing pathogens completely!


Mr. Naveed Pasha
Programme Head - Bio-Toilet
(M): +91 9986030521

hazardous waste management

jbr environmental consultants

JBR Environmental Consultants, Inc. has extensive experience with both solid and hazardous waste management and in Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) services. We assist clients in assessing and monitoring waste streams; ensuring appropriate storage, labeling, handling, and disposal of hazardous wastes; and training staff in proper handling and record-keeping procedures. JBR has produced Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Plans (SHWMPs) for the majority of large mining operations and coal-fired power plants.


waste-to-energy solutions inc

Waste-To-Energy generation is a classification of processes designed to convert waste into an alternative sources of energy. By diverting waste intended for a landfill it effectively conserves landfill capacity and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions the waste would otherwise produce in a landfill. The diverted waste is then processed and used to produce electricity or fuels such as synthetic diesel and natural gas. Inc. is a project development company with the resources necessary to complete your current and future waste-to-energy projects. We are able to develop your waste-to-energy project from beginning to end. Including economic feasibility study, environmental impact study, permitting, tax credit qualification, site selection, financing, construction and operation of the completed facility. To find out how exactly Inc. can help develop your waste-to-energy project please call and speak with an account rep today.

Quick Facts
Build Cost  :     $1.5 M+ per MW of equipment installed plus land and building
Size Range:     15 MW - 150 MW
Primary Fuel:    MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
Fuel Efficiency:  40 TBD (tons per day of trash) = 1 MW
Advantages:     Conventional, Flexible Fuel Type, Efficient
Disadvantages: Moderate Permitting Issues / Public Opinion