mono and poly crystalline modules

cnpv solar power

High Performance 72 cell Optimal Premium
Mono Crystalline 125×125mm SPV Module

High Performance 60 cell Optimal Premium
Mono Crystalline 156×156mm Solar Photovoltaic Module

High Performance 60 cell Optimal Premium
Poly Crystalline 156×156mm Solar Photovoltaic Module


solar pv modules

kyocera solar

F Series KD Modules Complete Series (135-320 W)

Kyocera solar modules are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free power supply designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency. Kyocera began researching photovoltaics in 1975 and has installed thousands of systems throughout the world since 1978.

Kyocera's advanced cell-processing technology and automated production facilities produce highly efficient multi-crystal photovoltaic modules. To protect the cells from the most severe environmental conditions, they are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover and an EVA pottant with a PVF back sheet. The entire laminate is installed in an anodized aluminum frame for structural strength and ease of installation.


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photovoltaic modules

aleo solar

A performance class of its own. We have won the confidence of customers and partners all over the world with high-grade materials, innovative production technologies and perfect workmanship down to the very last detail. Our product standards have never changed in the process: aleo modules set the benchmark for peak outputs and quality. Aleo solar’s customers can rely on a dependable partner with over ten years of experience in this market. We seek to lead our market rather than follow it, staying a step ahead of our competition at all times. Features that set our modules apart:
A large amount of output in a small amount of space
Positive performance class
Highest material quality
Optimal degree of transparency
High durability
Hot spot Protection
Tested quality
Minimal degradation
Highly automated production
Sturdy frame
Product and service guarantee
Test winner


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solar grid inverter

emerson network power

Rating : 1 to 6 kW, Single-phase output 
Multiprocessor based modular design
Bi-directional solar Inverters with MPPT charge controller
Hybrid inverter operation, High efficiency & high reliability
Robust design - 20 years design life, Compliance to International Standards


flat plate solar thermal system

photon solar systems

PHOTONIZER™ Series Solar Thermal Systems are the conventional type with Flat Plate Collectors having selectively coated copper fins. These systems are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and have a proven track record of performance. Photon Solar Thermal products are manufactured using two different technologies: The principal features of a PHOTONIZER™ are: • Temperature - 60 ° C / 80 ° C • Absorber - copper fins with selective coating • Storage Tank SS 304
• PUF Insulated tank with SS or powder coated Aluminium cladding
• Back up Electrical Heater with Thermostat (optional) • Powder coated mild steel support structure • Available capacities in LPD (Litres per Day): For Domestic Applications: 100 LPD or multiples for larger capacity For Industrial & Commercial Applications: Any capacity by integrating multiple 100 LPD collectors to get the desired capacity.


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The powerful and durable SINVERT PVS inverters are 
optimally suited for application in medium-sized and large
photovoltaic power plants. The IEC devices belong to the
SINVERT PVS 600Series. All devices comply with the
relevant IEC standards and consist of 1 to 4 individual
devices. As a result, the SINVERT PVS 600Series covers
a wide power range from 500 kW to 2520 kW. The IEC devices are also available as integrated components in an inverter station (with two to four inverters), including medium-voltage components. In addition to SINVERT PVS and inverter stations, further system components and accessories are available for the realization of photovoltaic power plants in accordance with IEC standards. The modularity of the range and the free SINVERT Select dimensioning software facilitate flexible photovoltaic system planning. Photovoltaic systems in which SINVERT PVS inverters are employed can be monitored and controlled via the WinCC visualization system 
installed on a Windows PC. WinCC provides transparency of the entire system's states and energy flows, from the photovoltaic field, to the inverter, down to grid connection. Also remote access via the Internet is supported when the WinCC WebNavigator software is installed on the access PC.




Solar Frontier's new S-Series modules offer the highest conversion efficiency of any mass-produced thin-film module, up to 13.8%. The modules are available with power outputs of 150 Watts up to 170 Watts. All Solar Frontier modules are produced in Japan, based on a legacy of over 30 years experience in the PV industry. Furthermore, our parent company, Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K., has over 100 years of history in the energy business which gives our customers peace of mind. Real-world data and independent tests confirm that our CIS thin-film modules provide more kilowatt hours per kilowatt peak, resulting in a shorter pay back period for systems using our modules.

Contact Solar Frontier K.K. Daiba Frontier Building 2-3-2 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8074 Japan Tel: +81 3 5531 5626


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solar Project development & EPc services

enn solar energy

Solar project development involves complex procedures including addressing, rights negotiating, environmental permit, and connection permit, etc. All these procedures form a comprehensive preparation with deep understanding of capital, government, electricity grid and property owners. ENN Solar Energy maintains a global network, which can approach extensive resources of profitable projects’ acquisitions and independent development of large-scale projects. Meanwhile, ENN owns thorough and strict evaluation procedures to ensure ROI.
EPC for solar projects indicates a key element of BOS cost. The detail of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) involves land, solar modules, invertors, cables, installation, etc. ENN shares global EPC resources to deliver a sound project schedule, quality and BOS cost, offering a solid ROI within the financial framework. ENN’s global engineering center optimizes local design with standard specification, and global procurement center operates supply chain of qualified solar modules and other components. Our project management team works seamlessly with local construction partners to ensure the risk of system under performance during the long run service life.


mono and multi crystalline solar PV modules

benq solar

The BenQ Solar module portfolio includes mono, multi and back-contact cell technologies delivering high efficiency options – with 15-20% conversion efficiency rates – that are able to meet varied solar energy system requirements. In addition to DC module products, BenQ Solar also provides its leading edge AC module, AC Unison.  BenQ Solar’s product solutions effectively serve varied needs in residential, commercial, or utility segments. BenQ Solar modules are also compatible with Easy Roof and Zep mounting solutions.

We aim to develop cutting-edge technologies that stand the test of time with unique product enhancements. Our PID-Free technology helps reduce cell degradation and maintains stable operation over time. Light-weight module construction can considerably reduce installation efforts and enable faster installation.

Our green commitment makes a difference. BenQ Solar obtained the first ever PAS 2050 Carbon Footprint Verification for a PV module. We have also joined the PV Cycle Association to offer sustainable energy solutions. 

We test all our products in our own state-of-the-art laboratories, which give us confidence in our quality guarantees and long term warranties.



solar pv monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules

JA solar

Module Characteristics
•  High efficiency crystalline silicon cells
•  High transmission low iron tempered glass, strong mechanical resistance

•  Standard waterproof junction box, with bypass diode
•  High endurance to different atrocious weather
•  Custom designed modules according to clients' requirement
•  10-year quality guarantee and 10 - 25-year power output guarantee


JA Solar USA. Inc. Address: 2570 North First Street Suite 360, San Jose CA 95131. Tel: +1 408 586 0000 Fax: +1 408 956 9505 Email:

concentrated solar power

schott solar

SCHOTT Solar CSP develops, manufactures and markets
highly efficient receivers, which are key components for
Concentrated Solar Power plants using the Parabolic Trough
technology. We rank as the world’s market and technology
leader, and with our high performance receivers – which
comprise the core of all solar power plants using the Parabolic Trough technology – we contribute decisively to making tomorrow’s energy production possible today. To achieve this we provide technology which, with regard to economics, security of supply and climatic protection, provides numerous benefits.


solar pv modules

Alex solar

High cell efficiency to ensure stability and reliability 

High-performing modules have an industry low tolerance of 3%
Reliable schottky bypass diode minimizes performance loss
caused by shadowing
Withstands high wind force up to 2400 Pa, heavy snow loads of up to 5400 Pa and other extreme weather
Custom designed modules according to clients' requirement
Product quality and services are insured by US Chubb Insurance
Company and Alltrust Risk Consultants & Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.


evacuated tube solar thermal system

photon solar systems

MIRACLE™ range of Solar Thermal Systems incorporate the latest Evacuated Glass Tube technology. These systems offer distinctive advantages over the conventional systems. • The main benefits of using a a MIRACLE™ Solar Geyser are: • Can easily handle hard water without any salts deposition inside • Requires much lesser space due to its high efficiency • Practically NIL maintenance • Very long life (more than 15 years!!!) Elegant appearance (made of only shining glass and stainless steel ) • Available in sizes (100/200/300/500 LPD or by integrating multiples of 500 LPD systems) to suit
any application ( Homes ~ Hotels ~ Hospitals ~ Hostels ~ Guest Houses ~ Process Industries etc etc.)


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